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axiom houseMany Refugees struggle to find ways to survive. These struggles are as basic as finding a minimum wage job, learning how to drive, acclimating their children to our foreign school system and most importantly finding faithful friends that will walk the journey with them.

We’ve become bonded friends with those struggling to make a new life here. In our work we’ve discerned the need for a designated space for pressing into this local issue.



humans of syracuse 10compressed We envision 5 initiatives:

1. Developing ESL opportunities
2. Developing job coaching opportunities
3. Developing adopt a refugee family opportunities
4. Developing child care/tutor opportunities
5. Developing faith-based gatherings


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Salt City is a local coffee roastery that is outfitting the bottom floor of the Renewal House with a quality, comfortable, economically reasonable, modern neighborhood coffee shop.

Coffee is a medium through which stories are told. We want stories to be told around a good cup of coffee in our local space. We want coffee to positively impact our community and our world.

One of the ways we do this are through offering Fairly Traded, Organic Coffee. Another way we do this is through training and employing local refugees at the coffee shop. Additionally we are outsourcing our local food creations to local refugees entrepreneurs.



axiomCOMMsmallThe community at Axiom Church seeks to provide belonging for those curious about God and life. Axiom was founded in 2010 by a small band of people that moved into an under-resourced neighborhood in Syracuse, NY. Since Axiom has been meeting weekly to foster community, facilitate conversations about Jesus, and resource others to extend care into the city.


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The Renewal House

PO box 142 Syracuse, NY 13205



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