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Press Release:

Axiom Church is Set to Open The Renewal House at 509 West Onondaga Street – Syracuse, NY.

Axiom Church has started project to help open a Renewal house and coffee shop in Syracuse, NY.

The community at Axiom has launched a vital initiative to launch The Renewal House on the southwest side of Syracuse. The Renewal House is a unique space that will host a quality, modern neighborhood coffee shop by local roster Salt City Coffee on the first floor. The second floor will host a cluster of programs and partnerships geared towards equipping local refugees for thriving as contributing members in the urban landscape of the city.

The Renewal House will seek to develop opportunities through job coaching, language classes, childcare and tutoring. Axiom is seeking to raise $100,000 for the permanent acquisition and renovation of 509 West Onondaga Street, which will be the location of The Renewal House. They have already raised $30,000 and need another $70,000. This space is situated with great accessibility on a main corridor right outside downtown Syracuse. Axiom is looking for help to revitalize this building that will give back to the community.

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About the community of Axiom:

In 2010 a core of families left their homes and jobs from around the Northeast and moved into an under-resourced neighborhood in Syracuse, NY. They desired to live a life more rooted in community, live a life centered on the work of Jesus and explore ways to live generously for the good of the city. They encountered refugees attempting to resettle in the city from Burma, from the Congo, from Somalia, from Sudan and from Cuba. Almost 1000 refugees resettle in the city of Syracuse each year and 12% of the children in our city school district are refugees. 30% of this population lives below the poverty line. Many refugees struggle to survive and thrive. These struggles are as a basic as finding a minimum wage job, learning how to drive, acclimating to our school system and finding faithful friends that will walk the journey with them.

As part of their desire to meet pressing needs in Syracuse they formed a faith-based, non-profit church community called Axiom. This non-profit is focused on emotional, relational and spiritual needs of people throughout the city’s neighborhoods. The people of the Axiom have become bonded friends with many struggling to make a new life here. Through those relationships they discerned the need for designated space for pressing into this issue.